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The nomad by iOmounts is the ultimate mount for smartphones, GPS devices and other small mobile devices for the active lifestyle. It is the perfect bike mount for using Strava, MotionX and other GPS or fitness apps and for staying connected on the go. It is also great for joggers and strollers, treadmills, stationary bikes, and just about any piece of exercise equipment.

The nomad by iOmounts from iOmounts on Vimeo.

With its flexible strap mount, the NOMAD is quick and easy to install on bars approx. .5" to 2" diameter. The simple and solid construction can withstand even the most rugged trail rides and can be easily moved from one piece of equipment to another in seconds.

Like all of iOmounts’ products, the design allows for 360º rotation of the attached device, and the optional semi-sphere provides additional articulation.

Some of the many benefits:

  • Quick & easy installation
  • Easy attachment/detachment of device
  • Secure & convenient • Optional tethering
  • Works with nearly all smartphones
  • No device case needed
  • Beautiful, clean & rugged design
  • 1  iOmagnet & flexible strap mount fits anything .5" to 2" diameter.(Pre-assembled)
  • 2  Large iOadapts
  • 2 2"x3" Clear iOskins
  • 1  FAQ &Instructional Manual