How iOmounts Works

Using iOmounts is simple. Your tablet or smartphone instantly snaps to the iOmounts stand and can rotate in any direction for the perfect viewing angle. Create a more ergonomic workspace, display recipes in the kitchen, use your phone as an alarm clock or your tablet as a second monitor, or mount your iPad in the living room - it's all possible with iOmounts.

iOmounts products rely on a Patented magnetic system. First, attach a razor thin adaptor, called the iOadapt, to your tablet, phone or case. It's safe for almost every device (iPad, iPhone, Android devices and more), and you won't even notice it's there. The adaptor snaps to a red magnetic "core," which rotates in practically any direction. When you’re ready to go, just give your tablet a tug and you’re off and running. No clips, no cables, no hassle, just a simple magnet, infinite rotational adjustment, and a sleek modern design.

Crafted in solid steel, iOmounts™ was designed with today's minimalist ethos in mind to complement your device rather than distract from it. The design is universally compatible with almost any device, making iOmounts the most functional and flexible line of tablet and phone stands on the market.